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Virginia Beach Charter Boat Top Notch

The Top Notch is a NEW 48 foot cold molded Sport Fishing Boat Designed with the Wave Form bottom from Applied Concepts. This state of the art boat was built by RG Boatworks and is powered by the Cummins Zeus System. The boat is very stable due to tunnels. The Cummins engines are very quiet and the underwater exhaust allows for no smoke.

The interior has a large salon with two big couches which enables the charter to ride in comfort to the fishing ground. The boat is cold molded but is glassed inside with one inch of solid glass in the tunnels. The house and bulkheads are Nidacore sandwich construction with two or more layers of 17 oz glass. The boat is light and strong. This allows for a great cruise speed of 30 knots. There is no vibration due to the Zeus pods and duro props. You must ride on this boat to experience the maneuverability. One local captain described the experience as "driving a porsche on the water". It was brand new in 2010 with state of the art electronics and 2 air conditioners. There are many amenities including television, DVD player, stereo, and microwave.

Russ and Gene Kostinas have built four boats working with some of the best boat builders in the outer banks. These experiences lead them to design this boat from the bottom up with Applied Concepts. This boat was built with several different techniques from these great builders. They both fish and build boats, so the boats are always built to fish with an eye to future maintenance of equipment. The engine companies we have used in the past have always said, "You have the best engine room layout and everything has easy access." The boat is built to last with low maintenance since they do not want to miss a great bite due to a down boat.

The boat is built with epoxy resin and lightweight strong products including vacuum bagging some parts. You need to see this boat to believe the construction at a lower cost than production boats at the same length. The fuel consumption is outstanding at 25 knots at 26 GPH TOTAL.

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